Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Woman's Beauty Tips
7 Tips On Making Your Breasts Look Bigger
By Pola Clay
Full breasts are commonly associated with femininity and sexiness, so it is easy to see why many girls feel unconfident, if nature didn't bless them in that department. Many women wish they had bigger breasts, but are not willing to go under the knife to achieve that. But not every woman knows that it is easy to make small breasts look bigger and more attractive, by wearing particular types of fabric and design. You can follow these simple tips to enhance your bust line and make it visually fuller.

  1. Padded bra is your best bet to make your breasts appear larger. The same goes for push-up bras that lift your breasts up and bring them close together, to create cleavage. You can also try buying separate inserts to use with other bras.
  2. Thin horizontal stripes will make your chest look wider.
  3. Bright colors and ornaments will attract more attention to your breast area and make your bust look bigger. The same is true with ruffles and glitter.
  4. Use accessories and small details to visually enhance the cleavage area. A thin chain with a small pendant and delicate design will make your breasts look bigger by contrast.
  5. Wear tight and thick materials that will add some volume to your bust.
  6. Make sure you have your back straight. This pushes your breasts out and gives them better shape.
  7. Use make up to visually enhance your cleavage. With a couple of brush strokes it can become deeper looking, making your breasts seems fuller.
Breast Lifting To Heighten Self Esteem
By Priyanka Arora
To a lot of women, having a huge and sagging breasts is not a good condition to be dealing with. This does not only give the women an unlikely appearance but it will also cause them to have neck or shoulder pains. These may cause also skin rashes or menstrual discomforts and mostly patients may experience emotional distress due to the experience. Sagging breasts are another issue for women that it cause them to appear unattractive.
Endowed women are usually blessed due to the genetic history or having weight gain. The hormones have a huge role of having large breast because breast tissues are in fact more sensitive compared with other female hormones. Sagging breasts are the result of pregnancy, poor skin tone, breast feeding, stretching of ligaments, heredity, weight gain and loss, and aging. These conditions can be changed by undergoing some breast surgeries which is very helpful to women who already has low self esteem due to the appearance of their breasts.
When you visit a surgeon who does these kinds of procedures, you will discuss with the doctor what you want to happen on the appearance of your body, expectations, fears and objectives. Breast lifting can enhance the aesthetic look of the breast by elevating the shape and balance, making the breasts to be proportioned with the chest and shoulders. Women's breasts are not completely balanced in position, shape and volume. Breast lifting would improve all that as well as giving a youthful look for the breasts. It is advisable that after having surgery is to have a well fitted bra to prevent breasts sagging.