Friday, May 23, 2008

Tipsy Tipsy And Tips...

Tipsss..... 5 Hair Tips For Women Over 50! By Tim Faber
Are you still concerned about your hair, even at this mature stage in your life? You and countless other women are searching for the same hair care tips. For those of us 50 or older, managing our hair may become a bit more difficult. As we age, hair becomes more brittle and weak - leading to hair damage, split ends and frizzy hair. Hair may begin to gray and often we experience increased hair fall, thinning and hair loss. Combine this with hair styles that are more "suited" to our age, and hair care for women over 50 can be a handful. Here are 5 great hair tips for women over 50!
Re-invent Yourself
A new hair style is one quick fix for taking years off your look and giving yourself a boost both mentally and physically. Most hair styles can be adapted to suit any facial structure, promising a vast range of looks to choose from. Being mature does not translate as blending into the background, but a passage of right to choose beauty and good health.

Total Color Change
Trying a new color is another fabulous way of achieving a brand new you. Although full coloring requires a touch-up every six to eight weeks, the excitement of a new look could make it well worth the time, and with the added confidence, it makes you worth the time. Focus on your health and happiness, not on your age.
Highlighting For Convenience
Maybe the time needed to care for a full color job is a little more than you would prefer, so give highlighting a go. Already perfectly suited for lighter hair, subtly added streaks give a new definition to your locks - especially if gray hair begins setting in, while taking years off your look. Darker hair gives you a canvas to proudly sport the highlight job, drawing attention and defying age.
Regain Full Bodied Hair
If your hair has progressively thinned and taken on a limp look, try taking off a little length. Thin hair plagues many people over 50, but learning to adapt is the easiest trick to master. Shorter hair is an instant and natural volumizer for any look. If your hair is already short or too short to trim, try hair extensions. A near natural fix for limp hair, these boost the body in your hair and add texture as well. Using a moisturizing shampoo combined with a light-weight or no-weight conditioner adds body, fullness and life without weighing down.
The Diet for Healthy Hair
The phrase "We are what we eat..." has never been truer. What we put into our bodies affects what grows out as well, and a healthy diet of vegetables and fruit gives your hair a healthy shine and feel. To maximize the healthy diet you choose, try hair vitamins for an added enhancement to your hair care regimen.
Keeping healthy hair can seem difficult, but taking the time to eat well, rest more, and live happier, gives you an excellent foundation for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair while helping some of the years to disappear.
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