Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Woman have lot of untold problems.Here is some good articles that might help you...  

Breast Reductions Can Prevent Cancer By Priyanka Arora
The second leading reasons of death among women are breast cancer. World Health Organization announced that more than 1 million women this year will be identified to have breast cancer. Women who are at most risk of having cancer like for example that it runs on their family, merely the fact can create a life long anxieties and worries that someday you'll experience and undergo the same suffering. This will leave these probable victims to choose to lessen the chance of acquiring the illness by having a prophylactic mastectomy. This is a procedure wherein the breasts will be removed which most potential sufferers are reluctant to undergo. Another preference for women who have high potentials of having breasts cancer is to opt for a breast reduction. Most women in the areas of United States, Denmark, Sweden and Canada would choose to undergo this procedure and studies have shown that it may reduce the risk of cancer from 50 - 70%. The study has proven that the larger breast tissue amount that a potential breast cancer patient has the larger the chance that these cells will turn cancerous and if they are removed the lesser chance that it will become cancerous. Prophylactic mastectomy may lessen the risk of getting breast cancer on women by 90%, though; it cannot guarantee to prevent the 100% development of cancer even if the breasts are entirely removed. Breast reduction can extremely lessen the probability of acquiring cancer and would let the ladies to keep their breasts which are better option.  
Sexier Lips - What Are My Choices? By Mike Schlacter
If you are seriously interested in lip augmentation, then you should make sure you discuss all of your options carefully with your physician. Some of the options are permanent, some temporary, and if you can afford to try the temporary option to see if you like having fuller lips, then this would be a terrific solution. Some people, while wanting fuller lips, simply may not look good that way. The temporary solution to fuller lips - call it a trial time frame if you will - is to have special substances injected into your upper, your lower, or both lips. This injectable substance will give your lips a fuller, sexier look, but the effect only lasts for a few months. Why? Because your body will slowly absorb the materials until it is eventually gone. Then you would need to have the procedure repeated if you wish to retain the look. For the longest time, collagen, which is made from the collagen in cow skin, has been the standard substance used in temporary lip augmentation procedures. It lasts about three to four months and all patients will need to have an allergy test done first to make sure they are not allergic to the substance. Fascian, which is made from the outer thigh muscles and taken from cadavers, is another injectable being used. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive and who would want tissue from a cadaver injected into their body? Artecoll, Metracrill, Aquamid, and silicone oil are manmade substances that are suspended in the collagen extracted from cows. The chemicals are released into the body slowly over a period of time and actually work with the collagen in your own body to give your lips a fuller look. Bio-Alcamid, Argriform and other polyacrylamides are injectables made from polymers that naturally hold in moisture. These polymers are not new to the world of medicine and have been used to keep items wet for decades. While temporary, these injectable substances give your lips a fuller volume that permanent implants. They also fee more natural to both you and anyone who gives you a kiss. The biggest downside is the frequency in which the lips would have to be injected. A good doctor with plenty of experience and success in injecting a person's lips is highly recommended. Some of the same injectable materials - namely the manmade substance - can also be used as implants. Implants can be permanent and reversible, allowing them to be removed in case of complications. Gore-Tex, SoftForm, UltraSoft, and Advanta are all FDA approved for use as lip implants. As with everything, however, risks of this procedure include infection, palpability, lessened mobility, and extrusion. Artecoll, Aquamid, Metacrill, and silicone oil are permanent injectable substances that will give you that Angelina Jolie poof. These, too, have their downfalls, including necrosis, severe inflammation, extrusion, and infection. Implants and injections can make your lips look fuller and both men and women are undergoing this procedure. Before deciding on lip augmentation, make sure you consult a specialist to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.